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How To Feed Your Family

Table of Contents

The 5 D’s                                                       

The Eight Ways of the Ant

Dear Friend  - January 2008 Letter Update            

The 5 P’s                                                                                          

Ten Steps to Savings and Other Strategies

Meal Preparation & Shopping Idea

Feed Your Family Primer

     Lesson One - Your Store’s Image and Other Food Outlets

     Lesson Two - Store Layout and Impulse Buying

     Lesson Three - What is a Good Price?

     Lesson Four - Store One, Store Two, Store Three . . .

     Lesson Five - You and Your Pantry ~ The 24-Week Pantry Buying Guide

     Lesson Six - Master Grocery List

     Lesson Seven - Where Do I Begin?

     Lesson Eight -  Reading the Ads

     Lesson Nine – Menu Planning

     Lesson Ten – My Basic Plan

     Lesson Eleven – Working the Plan

     Lesson Twelve – Helpful Hints and Quick Tips

When You Have Two Hours of Less (Food Prep Tips)

Cook Once, Eat Twice - Tips and Recipes

Index of Recipes


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Magazines and other publications

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