In 1992, Cynthia Hillson wrote her first money-saving book with tips how she fed her family (husband and six children) nutritionally well on a budget. Cynthia continued her money-saving tips with more books and a newsletter (Thriving on Thrift)  throughout the 1990s.

The economic downturn in 2008 prompted Cynthia to compile her thrifty tips and strategies into an easy-to-use book that features her step-by-step plans to feed your family. 

The Table of Contents of How To Feed Your Family on the "About" page.

A portion of past Media who have written about Cynthia's Common Sense Tips in Feeding Your Family is found on the About Page.  


Other titles by Cynthia Hillson. 

We are sorry that at this time they are no longer being published. A portion of some of the books are in the current edition of How to Feed Your Family. 

How to Feed Your Family on $45.00 a Week
How to Feed Your Family on $88.00 a Week

Thriving on Thrift - The Book

Thriving on Thrift - The Newsletter

101 Ways to Save on Groceries, Snacks, Eating Out and Feeding Children

How to Feed Your Family with a Bucket or Two of Wheat

Thriving on Thrift - One Hundred and One Thrifty Christmas Ideas

The Y2K Pantry - How to Feed Your Family "if" the "What-If's" Happen
​​​​​​How To Feed Your Family 

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"I  think that Cynthia has the most usable publications out today. I really enjoy her menus which in turn gives me ideas, Her recipes are very good (very economical, too). Cynthia,  keep publishing your book, we need you! 

R . Wentz

"I think what you are doing is important. Thank you for putting in writing what you've become an expert at. I hope you sell many books. Not only will it save money for the people who use it, but it will also cut down on the pollution caused by all the packaged foods."

S. & J. Johnson

"Please send me a copy of your book.  'Bout time someone wrote a book on common sense shopping and eating well."

P. Lewis

"Please send me a copy of your book. My husband will certainly appreciate it!!

​M. Wall

Cynthia Hillson is a nationally recognized expert in strategic grocery shopping and feeding your family nutritionally well.

Since 1992, she has shared her grocery planning strategies, time and money-saving tips in cooking with a common-sense approach to how she fed her family of eight great-tasting and nutritious meals on a budget.

Cynthia updated her book in 2008 with more recipes than the original six that were published in her little pink book "How to Feed Your Family on $45.00 a Week" in July 1992.

Cynthia shares her "Cook Once, Eat Twice (Thrice)" philosophy of preparing family meals by purchasing a protein (often purchased on sale) and turn it into a variety of meals. Perfect for those days that you need to get a tasty meal on the table and don't have lots of time.

Cynthia is a Food and Nutrition Master with North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. Cynthia is an Author, Speaker, and Global Wellness Specialist.  She is the owner of Bernice's Tea & Spice and Precious Oils Up on the Hill.  You can learn more by going to

Cynthia, and her husband David, live in Troutman, North Carolina.

Their six children are on their own and have employed what their mother taught them with basic cooking and shopping skills. Each is amazing cooks. The Hillsons' are grandparents to eight.